Progress Carolina’s mission to expertly manage your project and deliver on time, under budget, and exceed expectations is inherent in our growth-oriented, customer-centered approach. We continually strive for excellence and use our industry insights and expertise to improve and streamline the build process providing greater value to you. This commitment and our continued approach to learning and innovation are why we partnered with the Modular Business Institute (MBI)—an international non-profit trade association with a mission to expand the use of offsite construction through innovative modular construction practices. According to Brett Callaghan, Director of Business Development, “…today’s construction industry is gaining momentum at an all-time high and as owners and developers continuously seek opportunities to shave costs and time from their projects, we felt it was time to separate Progress Carolina from the vast array of general contractors and pursue opportunities to better our company and our ability to exceed clients requests.” Partnering with MBI and integrating modular construction into the build process allows us to accelerate the build cycle and manage costs as the project proceeds.

Modular construction is the process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities—but in about half of the time (MBI). While many people know modular construction in the single-family housing industry, it is being more widely used in the commercial construction sector as technologies have improved and significant investments have been made. This process allows us to completely control and engineer the modules being built. Manufacturing plants adhere to stringent QA/QC standards and inspections to promote superior quality. Every component is assembled to withstand the rigors of transportation and crane installation. Once the modules are combined they become one integrated structure. Building offsite reduces the hazards and delays of on-site building construction, with less risk of accidents and reduced liability. Additionally, as owners and designers look to more sustainable designs for environmental impact, the high quality, highly sustainable, cost- and time-efficient modular construction process is a natural fit.

Modular buildings offer greater flexibility. They can be disassembled and reused or refurbished lessening the use of raw materials and because the structure is mostly completed in a controlled environment, the potential for high levels of moisture getting trapped in the new construction is greatly reduced—further reducing the number of materials used.

Accelerating the build cycle is an added value. Construction of modular components can be built at the same time site work is being completed without the impact of weather delays, reducing the construction time by 30-50% of traditional construction. Buildings are occupied faster, which means a faster return on your investment.

Modular building also means limitless design opportunities. Whether sections are incorporated into an existing building or other modular units, once assembled, they are completely integrated with the rest of the site-built property and are undetectable.

Progress Carolina is excited to partner with MBI. Our shared efforts to promote high standards of honesty, integrity, professionalism, and conduct are proven in our performance record and collective portfolios of experience and inherent in our core values. “We believe that with the implementation of Modular Construction we will be able to fulfill industry needs with the incorporation of sustainability, durability, and efficiency associated with modular construction into a century-old construction practice. There is no doubt in my mind the industry must evolve and better itself,” Callaghan says. Progress Carolina prides itself on being part of that evolution of change in the industry. We embrace innovation and are adaptable to modern technology and construction processes—separating us from many other general contractors in the country.

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